PROJECT: Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility

Hayre McElroy & Associates is providing geotechnical engineering, special inspection and materials testing services during construction of a new Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility at the Fort Lewis Army Base, WA. Primary improvements include a 35,290 SF TEMF Structure; 20,639 SY of concrete hardstand for various military vehicles; 6,801 SF Organizational Storage Building; 120 SF Oil Storage Building; and, 120 SF Hazardous Waste Storage Building. The preliminary sitework included a hardstand section of 10 inches of rigid concrete pavement (RCP) over 8 inches of aggregate base coarse (ABC). HMA provided a field study and pavement design that reduced Bristol's pavement section to 7 inches of RCP over 6 inches of ABC, saving tremendous cost to the D/B Team. The project oversight, engineering, and quality assurance inspection and testing includes: